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01.09.2016 That's It That's All Saying goodbye to ONS 2016
01.09.2016 Giving Credit Every year, ONS ends with a recognition of those companies that went above and beyond when constructing their booths.
01.09.2016 Looking Back ONS TV checked back with ONS Foundation chief executive Leif Johan Sevland at the end of ONS 2016 to find out how everything went.
01.09.2016 Looking to ONS 2018 Upstream asked exhibitors what they think will be the most important themes of the next ONS, which will be held in 2018.
01.09.2016 Kicking Back The ONS Festival along the harbour lightens spirits for attendees and residents alike with music and fireworks.
01.09.2016 It's a Bird, It's a Plane Operators and service companies are finding more and more uses for drones and are finding that the applications are limited only by their imaginations.
01.09.2016 A Norwegian Tradition Representatives of the Norwegian Seaman’s Church broke out their waffle irons for ONS 2016, filling the halls with the delicious smell of fresh waffles.
31.08.2016 Pioneering Spirit Edward Heerema, founder of Allseas, gives an inside look at the debut job of the gigantic Pioneering Spirit, the world’s largest installation and decommissioning vessel and explains why his next ship will be even bigger.
30.08.2016 Dressing for Success Snorre Dalene built a career in the Norwegian oil sector before falling victim to the downturn. He came to ONS with a novel idea to find a new opportunity in the industry.
31.08.2016 Virtually Offshore Oil companies are exploring how to utilize the latest in virtual reality technology both in their business and at their booths.
31.08.2016 Demand Does its Part Spencer Dale, chief economist at BP, details the how robust oil and gas demand is helping balance commodity markets and how transitions to cleaner energy could impact the hydrocarbon industry.
31.08.2016 Today’s Transitions Upstream asks exhibitors about transitions within their own businesses during the downturn in oil prices.
31.08.2016 A Future for Natural Gas Remi Eriksen, chief executive of DNV GL discusses the complex relationship between natural gas and renewable power and what it will take to ensure a lasting place for gas in the energy mix.
30.08.2016 The Hulk Helps Meisle brings the creativity of 3D printing to the oil industry and shows that it doesn't hurt to call in a little help to get your booth noticed at ONS and R2D2 gives its oil price forecast.
31.08.2016 Tomorrow’s Transitions Upstream asked exhibitors if there was a place for the oil industry as the world shifts towards a low-carbon future.
31.08.2016 A Fork in the Road for the Middle East Florence Eid-Oakden, chief economist at Arabia Monitor, explains the issues people should be paying attention to in the Middle East and how they will impact the future of the region.
30.08.2016 Taking it for a Test Drive After hearing from Formula 1 driver Marcus Ericsson, attendees at the ONS conference had a chance to test their skills on the track.
30.08.2016 Getting the UK Sector Fit for the Future Andy Samuel, chief executive of the Oil & Gas Authority UK explains how his new organization can help the UK sector of the North Sea remain competitive in a time of low oil prices and low cost competition.
30.08.2016 US Shale Gas Shakes Up Europe Jason Bordoff, director of the Columbia University Center on Global Energy Policy, talks about how Gazprom might react to the unexpected influx of US shale gas into the European market and how oil producing countries could look to new policies to cop
30.08.2016 Peering into the Crystal Ball Upstream asks ONS exhibitors where they think oil prices will be in one year.
30.08.2016 Better Days Ahead Upstream talks to exhibitors at ONS about their outlook for the rest of 2016.
30.08.2016 Points of Interest Upstream talks to exhibitors about the topics they are most interested in hearing more about at the conference.
30.08.2016 Mandatory Attendance Upstream talks to exhibitors at ONS about why they made the commitment to come to the conference despite the downturn.
30.08.2016 Skating Around ONS When not used for ONS, the DNB Arena is home to the champion Stavanger Oilers hockey team, whose outlook for the coming year is a bit brighter than that of their namesake industry.
30.08.2016 Engineering a Recovery in Deepwater Aker Solutions chief executive Luis Araujo talks about the rise in contracts for front-end engineering and how creative partnerships can boost the deepwater sector.
30.08.2016 A Greener Oil & Gas? Lord Brown, executive chairman of L1 Energy gives us his outlook for oil markets and explains how oil and gas can coexist and even contribute to efforts to combat climate change.
30.08.2016 Interpreting Opec Helima Croft, managing director and global head of commodity strategy at RBC Capital Markets, tells us how the oil downturn has impacted Opec members and what we might expect from the group in the coming year.
30.08.2016 Taking the Pulse Oil prices, the energy transition and shifts within the oil industry itself top the list of the topics that ONS attendees want to hear about at this year´s conference.
30.08.2016 Getting Ready for the Next Round Norwegian Petroleum Minister Tord Lien discusses the outlook for the country's 24th offshore licensing round and when the industry could gain access to the coveted Lofoten region.
30.08.2016 The Oracle of Oil Renowned oil scholar Daniel Yergin of IHS Markit explains the historical analogues for the current downturn in oil prices and how the North Sea may fare in the years ahead.
30.08.2016 Looking in the Crystal Ball Exhibitors at ONS give their outlook and goals for the remainder of 2016.
30.08.2016 Wintershall is Getting to Work Martin Bachmann, head of Wintershall's E&P unit, updates us on their activity offshore Norway including the status of the Maria project, the outlook for Skarfjell and their interest in additional acreage.
30.08.2016 I Wouldn´t Miss It for the World Exhibitors tell us why they believe it is important to come to ONS despite the tough times in the industry.
29.08.2016 Coming Out Clean Petrobras chief executive Pedro Perente discusses how Brazil's state oil company is getting back to business after the upheaval caused by the Operation Car Wash scandal.
29.08.2016 The Future of the Faroes Poul Michelsen, Foreign Affairs and Trade Minister for the Faroe Islands details the upcoming licensing round and why he believes industry will be interested for new offshore acreage.
29.08.2016 Norway Copes with the Downturn Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg talks about whether the country did enough to prepare its economy for the drop in oil prices and what she sees as the future for the Norwegian oil sector.
29.08.2016 Talking About Transitions ONS opened with a diverse panel of speakers all addressing this year's theme of transitions from their own unique perspectives.
29.08.2016 Lights, Camera, ONS ONS TV is bringing you in depth coverage of key topics and speakers from this year's conference.
01.09.2016 DNB: Fuel box
28.08.2016 Countries and Companies Cope with Low Oil Prices Attendees at the ONS Summit discuss how governments and oil companies must adjust to the uncertainty and instability brought about by the bust in commodity prices.
28.08.2016 Negotiating a World of Low Oil Prices Norway's Foreign Affairs Minister Børge Brende talks about the role energy plays in world security and why the latest peace deal in Colombia have given him hope for the resolution of other long-running conflicts worldwide.
29.08.2016 ONS Gets Serious About Energy Security John Knight, chair of the ONS Conference Committee, explains why ONS partnered with the Munich Security Conference to bring together government officials and oil company executives to tackle the difficult question of how to power the world.
28.08.2016 Welcome to ONS 2016 Exhibitors and attendees get ready for the start of ONS 2016 in Stavanger, Norway.
31.08.2016 DNB: Boyan Slat
25.08.2016 The ONS Festival